NYC Trip- Tuesday Saturday, Aug 11 2012 

Tuesday morning we woke up in our hotel room in NYC, and realized it was real.. we were actually in NYC!  Our mom went and got us break fast and we got ready and left the hotel to catch our bus tour that was doing the down town loop, we saw all of lower manhattan,we got off on a few stops to go shopping, I stopped in at Sephora, and Victoria secreys: Pink, and picked up a sweater. We went to the empire state building, I didn’t end up going in the empire state building.. it is a little high for my liking, so i went to a Starbucks and sucked up their wi-fi for about an hour, also along the tour we stopped at ground zero.. didn’t go in.. because you had to pay to go in.. we were already sick of standing in lines… so we got back on the bus and kept going. We got off at the Macy’s stop and went in.. it takes up an entire block.. 11 storeys.. all for macys, the escalators.. are so old.. I don’t recommend using them take the elevators! I picked up a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt for my dad in Macy’s, we saw the huge post office, madison square garden and a few homeless people. I wanted to get out of that area quick.. I feel like all I did was shop.. oh wait.. thats what I went there for. That night for dinner myself and my mom went to TGI Fridays… was 2 storey restaurant in times square, was more expensive then we thought. but the portions were large and very tasty.


Shopaholic Monday, Jul 23 2012 


My name is Meaghan and I think I’m a shopaholic… sorta lol I have a crazy obsession for makeup and high end cosmetics. Every time I see that a new collection is available I just seem to have to buy something.. even just to say I bought something  from it. Sometimes I can hold off for a while so i can justify buying it, but other times I just splurge on myself. I love buying new makeup/beauty products to try them, I just buy things without thinking and then try it out.. i either like it.. or I don’t, I hate when i don’t like it and i’ve already spent money on. If it works for me and I like it then I don’t mind, I prefer to do some research on the product and then decide if it is worth it and or if i really do need or want it. Most times i just want it because it is new.. Lately there has been 2 new BB creams released in Canada at a store near me.. I read about the first one and decided it wasn’t a good choice for me to buy.. nor was it worth the price.  So I was good and didn’t buy anything … in the last few days, I am also saving up for NYC.. which is proving to be harder then i thought, when there are tons of makeup products i want.  Each month i pay all my bills.. then i take what is left over and that is my money to spend, I normally spend that easily enough and then wait for the next paycheque..  Lately I have been really good about not buying any new products to try and or review. All girls want to feel sexy, special and makeup helps that, having a good skin care routine is also helpful. Buying the high end makeup products will be you in the hole quiet a bit.. unless you have unlimitied amount of money to spend on your self.

Anyone else have this issue?

-Meaghan S .