Make up Product review- Real Techniques brushes Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 

Real Techniques Core Collection

The Kit includes:

-A small detailer brush-used for under eye , eye shadow smudging and also can be used for applying lip products

-Fluffy Buffing brush- can be used for powder or liquid foundation, also loose ,mineral , or pressed powder, this brush is best used in a stippling motion or a swirling motion all around the face.

-Contour brush- this brush is perfect for highlighting the top of cheek bone, on the brow bone and around the eye.

-pointed foundation brush- This brush i like but is a little small to apply foundation all over the face, i would prefer a bigger brush so it would be less time consuming

Core collection- Real Techniques brushes

Real Techniques core collection brushes

-Also comes with a case that stands for easy use, and can fold up for travelling.

-ultra-plush, synthetic taklon bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free

-These are the only brushes I have so far, I’m planning to get more when I’m in NYC this summer, they are soo soft, and blend make up in better then ever.  There is an entire collection that I plan of collecting.

Core Collection


Benefit Sun beam product review Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 

Benefit Sunbeam is a golden bronze highlighter

-My thoughts:

This product only has a few uses, you can use it on your brow bone and check bone for a bronze highlight. I wish there was a few more ways to use it, but it is still a good product, I find that it is best to mix it with a foundation to give your face an all over bronze glow. I suggest you don’t use it with a glowy foundation because then you are just doubling your glowiness.. use it with a matte foundation and then add the Sun beam, to give it an all over glow. This product will go well with any skin tone colour, I personally mix half and half, so half foundation and half sun beam, you can use less or more depending on how much you want a bronze look.

Benefit sun beam

Would I buy this product again:

This product cost $30.00 CDN/ $26 USD , it is expensive considering you only get 13ML, 2.30 ML/ dollar.   This product would be perfect for winter, as it is hard to tan in the winter, this can be used year round as a bronzing product. Yes! I will continue to buy this product year round, as well im considering buying the Benefit High beam.

sorry the lighting sucks, it was late at night when i was taking pictures