NYC trip- Thursday Monday, Aug 27 2012 

Thursday morning was our last morning in the fabulous NYC times square area, we got up early because we had to be at the airport early.. again to leave manhattan. We all got up and got ready and I was doing my makeup and freaking out about the plane ride I had to endure at 11:29am-12:40pm. We left the hotel early, and got a cab to JFK from manhattan, it was a quick ride to the airport, we were in a Ford Escape, hybrid, it even had a tv in the back of it. We got to the airport and where we checked in and gave them our bags was near the hawaiian airlines check in, I was freaking that my luggage was going to go to So we went thru security and then went to get breakfast in T5 (terminal 5 at JFK) Jetblue’s home terminal. This time around the flight wasn’t so bad for me.. take off was smooth as well as flying, not as much turbulence, it was a few times but not that bad, so I didnt mind. I could actually put a tv show on and enjoy it for a bit. As we were decending… whether it was just me or not but we seemed to drop once really fast..and then level out, that scared the shit out of me. I had a neck pillow that I had bought from JFK and I was squeezing it the entire time on the plane home, also in the middle of T5 I dropped an entire dunkin donuts iced coffee on the floor and was soo embarrased at that point and flustered because of the flight home, so I told a janitor to clean it up and I went and got back in line and got another one. We ate and then had about 1ish hours to wait for our flight, so me and my sister went and walked up and down our terminal and watched planes take off and land and we had some fun on the floor escalators, and we saw a British airways plane take off.. that plane was huge, So as we were decending I got pretty scared and curled up into a ball on my sister and sat there until we touched down on the run way, we seem to hit the run way very fast and we all felt the brakes hard. Then we went to the baggage claim area and got our bags, my heat protectant had spilled, right after I grabbed my bag off the conveyer belt I opened it up at the buffalo airport and I could smell that something had leaked, I had my liquids in a bag, so nothing got on my clothing. I took that bag out and just carried it, we went and caught a shuttle to go across the street to the days in hotel across from the buffalo airport where our car was and got in our car, went to timmys and headed for the border home. We didnt have any trouble at the border at all, it didnt take that long to get home as it did going over the boarder. We got home and all ran for our cell phones.. which sounds bad but it was thursday and we didnt have them since sunday afternoon.


First Time Flying Sunday, Jul 22 2012 

At the beginning of August I’m going to New York City with my mom and sister for about a week, We are staying right in times square at the Marriott Marquis. Let me just say.. I’m very excited for this trip.. BUT I’ve never flown before, I will have family with my and the flight is about an hour and 20 minutes… which isn’t bad. I think I’ll be fine, once we are in the air Im sure i’ll be fine. The scary part for me will be the time we are taking off the run way, and landing. A few of my friends have flown before and said it was a piece of cake. With 9/11 and a few other plans having issues in the past few years and it making it to the news.. kinda scares me. I really want to travel to Europe, hawaii, australia.. etc while Im still young enough to enjoy it. It took me a while to get my passport.. partially me just being lazy about it. I finally got it and now i can legally leave the country. For this NYC trip I’m flying JetBlue, from Buffalo to JFK, So i hear it takes about an hour from JFK to Manhattan which is where we are staying right in Times Square. I will be taking many pictures and videoing and once I come back I will put up a few hauls, and blog posts.. etc about the trip.. If you guys will want to hear about it. One thing that has pissed me off about flying so far.. I haven’t even gone yet.. is that the airport security is so tight, which i understand, but i want to bring makeup on the plan.. but i can only bring a certain amount.. ugh . and it has to be in a clear bag and each product under 100ml each. ┬áTaking graval before the flight i’ve heard helps… might not be a bad idea.. i got a better one.. a shot of vodka to settle the nerves. ;p

-Meaghan S.