NYC Trip- Wednesday Wednesday, Aug 22 2012 

We all woke up on wednesday sad it was our last full day in NYC, it was my mom’s birthday.. which was the reason why we were in new york in the first place. So we were determined to have a nice day and see the rest of nyc… well as much as we can. We did the uptown tour of manhattan and saw both upper east and upper west, one of them is “New money” , the other is “Old money”. That is how the tour guide explained it, we saw harlem… we deffiantely weren’t getting off in Harlem.. when there is a cop on every corner.. no way. Seeing all the upper east side that was filmed in gossip girl and other tv shows.. was really awesome, I never thought I would get to see that! Also we got off near the zoo at Central park, we went into central park a bit, but it was really hot out and Central park was huge, we also went to the apple store on fifth ave. too, that was filled with people checking out all the apple products. On the bus tour that day we learned that the longest street on manhattan is broadway, and it divides it into upper east and upper west. I never realized how many bridges, tunnels, trains.. etc and ways into manhattan there actually are for all the millions of people that commute into manhattan. We had a short day touring around upper manhattan, and then we went back to the hotel. I still had some shopping to do, so I went over to the sephora and spent about an hour looking around and getting the stuff I had wanted. It was still under construction.. which I didn’t like but none the less it was sephora. Since it was my moms birthday we went to the hard rock cafe in times square for dinner.


Favourite lip gloss’s for summer Monday, Aug 20 2012 

In the summer most girls like to have a fresh summer look, most go to the beach often and spend lots of time outside soaking up some rays. The sun can be harmful to lips as well as skin, it is important to protect your lips just as much as you would your skin. Most chap sticks do have spf in them now a days. I have a favourite Chapstick, which i just recently tried and starting liking, it was recommended by one of my friends. It is the Burts Bee’s  replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil, with even gives lips a bit of colour as well as very nourishing.  It is a little pricey for a Chapstick but does what it says it does which makes it worth the purchase. When going to the beach, the best look is a natural, not so put together look, with beachy waves, little to no makeup. I recently was in NYC and was in a few Sephora’s and saw the Christian Dior  “Dior addict ultra gloss pearl 257” I had heard a lot of good reviews about this lipgloss, and I picked one up, a light pink.. looked at the price.. and put it down. I continued to walk around aimlessly and thinking about that lipgloss that I really wanted.. I ventured back over to the display picked it up again and put it in my basket.. and happily walked away. My first Christian Dior product.. sad.. I know but I finally got something. A must have for summer is the ever so popular Nars Lipgloss in orgasm , it suits everyskin tone and looks fantastic also feels luxious on the lips. Although a little pricey, it is soo worth it, Francois Nars has done an amazing job on creating these Cosmetic products to make girls feel sexy and sassy. Drugstore lip products can be just as good as the high end makeup brands, I was grocery shopping and wondered down the makeup Isle.. as I normally do just to see whats new , I stumbled upon some revlon lip products.. which revlon is mu favourite drugstore brand, I saw a revlon lipgloss that just caught my eye. I picked it up and the color of pink was gorgeous! I had to have it, the applicator is also really well designed, it is shaped to glide along your lips smoothly. The gloss color is exactly what it looks like in the tube, the color is peony.

Clinique 3 step skincare system Monday, Aug 20 2012 

The Clinique 3 step skincare system was developed by Dermatologist, and it is made for easy use. As it gives you the 3 steps to follow, it has a Cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. For me I’ve been wanting to find a skincare routine that works for me, but didn’t really know where to start and which products I needed to use and in which order.  I was flipping through a cosmopolitan magazine and saw an ad for the Clinique 3 step skincare system, I looked it up and decided it was a good start as it gives you all 3 steps and how to use them. Also I went in the Clinique website and did the skin diagnosis test and it gave me options for my routine, which was really good.
Step 1) Using the clinique mild facial soap to cleanse skin and prepare it for the toner, the cleanser is a liquid soap that removes makeup, dirt, and sweat. Anything that has gotten into pores and will cause breakouts. How to use: (After makeup has been taken off with a makeup wipe) Wet face with water, pour a small amount of the cleanser into the palm of hand and rub together, then Rub all over the face avoiding the eye area, make sure to get right up to the hairline and also under the jawline as well, then rinse off with water. Pictures above

Step 2) The Clarifying lotion will help clear away pollution and dull flakes for smooth and healthy looking skin. It also reduces pores, and the skin can accept moisture better. The toner will help skin look healthier and younger, the formula is non-drying and comfortable.  How to use: Take a cotton pad or cotton ball.. or even your fingers and rub it all over your face after you have used the cleanser, will feel tingly.. but that is normal. Avoid the eye area and let it soak in, will dry fast on the skin. Picture below

3) Hydrating the skin is the last step in this routine to help the skin look fresh and healthy and stay looking young. It works to soften, smooth, improve the condition and texture of your skin. The lotion formula is for drier skins; oil-free Gel is perfect for oilier skins. I have heard the some people prefer the gel as it is less thicker than the lotion. picture below
This 3 step system is the easiest to use, it is straight forward and fairly priced. It is for all skin types and going on the Clinique website will help you pick out your routine for your skin type after you complete the skin diagnosis.

Inglot freedom system eye shadow palette review Sunday, Aug 12 2012 

Inglot cosmetics was created over 25 years ago, A young chemist created the Inglot’s cosmetics. All Inglot cosmetics are made within the European Union and 95% of them are factory-made in our own state of the art production facilities.  The unique Freedom System allows customers to create their own custom palettes with countless shades and color combinations of different face products.  While I was in New York I knew there was an Inglot store in Times Square right near where I was staying, the 2nd day I was in NYC I decided to go  into Inglot as I was in Sephora earlier and decided on creating my own palette. I went in and it is a small space that sits on a corner, in times square. I saw all the colors to choose from for the freedom system palette, the employee was very helpful and nice, I picked the square 5 palette and choose 5 colors, and then she took the ones I picked and went to a draw and got them for me. To buy the palette is separate from the 5 colors , the palette alone is -$11.00 which isn’t bad , the colors are $6.00 each. While at Sephora I picked up the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, and I love the colors it has, it also comes with a brush. I’m more drawn to Inglot because of the freedom system, I will post pictures in this blog post to show the 2 palettes I created for myself.  When looking at all the colors to decide I will admit I was overwhelmed with choices.. But I stopped and thought about what I would want in a palette to use for every day and also change for evening looks. The Inglot Store in times Square is located diagonally from Hershey’s store and across from the M&M store.

Palette #1

Palette #2

The palettes are all magnetized, the cover for them sticks with magnets and also the eyeshadows stick in the palette with strong magnets.

NYC Trip- Tuesday Saturday, Aug 11 2012 

Tuesday morning we woke up in our hotel room in NYC, and realized it was real.. we were actually in NYC!  Our mom went and got us break fast and we got ready and left the hotel to catch our bus tour that was doing the down town loop, we saw all of lower manhattan,we got off on a few stops to go shopping, I stopped in at Sephora, and Victoria secreys: Pink, and picked up a sweater. We went to the empire state building, I didn’t end up going in the empire state building.. it is a little high for my liking, so i went to a Starbucks and sucked up their wi-fi for about an hour, also along the tour we stopped at ground zero.. didn’t go in.. because you had to pay to go in.. we were already sick of standing in lines… so we got back on the bus and kept going. We got off at the Macy’s stop and went in.. it takes up an entire block.. 11 storeys.. all for macys, the escalators.. are so old.. I don’t recommend using them take the elevators! I picked up a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt for my dad in Macy’s, we saw the huge post office, madison square garden and a few homeless people. I wanted to get out of that area quick.. I feel like all I did was shop.. oh wait.. thats what I went there for. That night for dinner myself and my mom went to TGI Fridays… was 2 storey restaurant in times square, was more expensive then we thought. but the portions were large and very tasty.

NYC trip day 2 Monday Saturday, Aug 11 2012 

– we all fell asleep at about 9 and woke up at 2:30 thinking it was time to get up, tossed and turned for another 2 hours and then at 4:45 we decided to get up and get going early, t give us extra time to get through airport security in buffalo. We got up, got ready and went down stairs, ate breakfast and me and Danika grabbed something to eat quick, whoe waiting for the airport shuttle, and then we saw some pilots, airline stewards in our hotel lobby, and then we got in the shuttle and headed for the airport, and it didn’t take long to go through airport security, I handed all of my stuff in my carry on bag over and out it in a bin, and away it went through the conveyer and I had to take my shoes off, and went through no problem and got my stuff, and we went to a window and an airlin worker took our picture in front of the jet blue plane, then we went to find our terminal and sat for an hour and a bit waiting to get on our plane and then it was boarding time, we were all so tired because we were up since 2;30 am, we took off on the run way at 8:10 and landed at about 9:20, we were expected to land at 9:29, but we arrived early! We got off our plane and headed for the baggage claim at JFK, we got our luggage and called for our town car and we all loaded into it, and headed out and away from the crazy traffic around JFK, it took about an hour, once we got out of Queens and over the bridge to manhattan; I ended up falling asleep in the car ride to NYC, put my sunglasses on and fell asleep. Once we got to the hotel, we pulled in and got out, the driver got our luggage out and we headed for the hotel front desk.. only it wasn’t on the first floor.. the first floor of the marriott marquis is all elevators.. for all 4o ..something floors..  49 floors , 1,900 rooms , 57 suites 55 meeting rooms, 101,450 sq ft of total meeting space ,3 concierge levels. Awesome hotel btw! Anyways, we weren’t sure we would be able to get our room, they said check in time was 4pm, but we got our’s at noon. We headed for the elevators and realized they were all glass.. was scary at first , we got off the elevator , and headed to our hotel room, opened the door and walked in.. and wow! our room was amazing, 2 huge beds, a safe, a couch, a huge flat screen tv, the bathroom was luxurious as well and very spacious. We dropped our bags and went down stairs to grab Starbucks and sat for a bit to relax.  We then headed out into Times square.. and had no clue where we were going, we walked quiet far, and it was over whelming taking everything in, and the busyness that we aren’t used to. All we saw was yellow cabs.. and tons of stores and tons of people.  We walked around NYC for a couple hours and then went back to the hotel, decided on dinner and my mom and I went to the one of the hotels restaurants for dinner a had dinner and later that night we went back out into times Square to see all the lights at night.

NYC trip -Sunday Friday, Aug 10 2012 


Saturday morning we packed up, and Sunday we finished packing, and in the morning the dogs left for the kennel, and at 2:30 we got things ready to go in the car and headed for the boarder , we got to the boarder and sat for about an hour just to get across as it was a Canadian civic holiday. Once we got thru the boarder it was about 25 minutes or less to the hotel across from the buffalo airport, where we were staying before we had to catch our flight the next morning. We went into the hotel and checked in, went into the small restaurant and decided to eat there, after we checked in, went and got our bags and dropped them into our room, and went for dinner, and then we wanted to go to the buffalo airport and look around, we did, the airport isn’t ad bug as Toronto’s Pearson. Then we sat in the room and went to bed.

Scared Of Everything Monday, Jul 30 2012 

You read the title right! .. well maybe its a bit over done.. but Its true… I’ve gone through life thinking about everything very thoroughly.. maybe more than I should to the point of scaring my self out of a lot of things, I’m not necessarily proud of it, it is more of a hassle but its me! Even the littlest things sometimes scare me.. if given enough time to think about it. There are people who are just the “go getters” in life, they don’t need to think about what they are doing everything just seems to workout for them. Where as for me.. I seem to want to think each situation through.. to make sure it will work in my favour.. or everything will be ok in the end for me. I sometimes try and tell myself.. “Today.. I’m just going to go out and do.. and not think to hard” It never works.. well it actually has sometimes, and I end up proud of my self.. but it never is enough or the situation wasn’t that bad. With jobs some people I know just get shit ass lucky and nail the interview and get hired.. me: I have to think about it.. get nervous.. then try and survive it.. and I make it out to be a traumatic thing.. but really its not that bad. I guess my brain works to hard 9 times out of 10, some people can just go out and have fun with friends , Me: I gotta plan.. every minute of it.. or so it seems and I get scared if things aren’t gonna go how i planned them in my head. Weird… I know! I tend to sit back and applaud the people who can just do anything on a whim, and I sit their and wish it was me. A few people have come into my life.. who made me a more confident person and that helped a ton. A few times I was able to just go out and do things without thinking.. like going ridiculous speeds on highways and jam to music.. (Note: I don’t trust many drivers) and laugh and have fun, I always think of the bad things that can happen. Soon I’ll be flying to NYC and I will admit.. I’ve been counting down the days until I have to get on this flight. (Note: I’ve never flown before) uhh ohhh. my flight is about an hour and 20 minutes ishhh, As of today It is exactly a week until I leave for Buffalo. Im staying in Buffalo across from the airport the night before my flight.. just to make sure I get my flight on time.. Otherwise.. I’m screwed!  Each day I’m trying to be more confident and self assured.. I don’t want to go through life afraid of everything… even the smallest of things, because in the end I know I will miss opportunities that are available to me


-Anyone else with this issue?

Homemade Iced Tea Thursday, Jul 26 2012 

Where I live its been very hot.. upwards of 40! wayy to hot to even do anything.. So it is good to take in tons of fluids.. but I personally think water is .. boring. I personally am a big coffee and tea drinker, but who wants a hot drink in the summer.. NOT me! I was thinking one day that I wanted tea.. but i didnt want it hot.. so Cold it is! Here are the steps I took to create my own iced tea for hot summer days

Things you will need:

-Glass cup







-Tea bag

How to make the ice tea

1) Boil kettle

2) Pour water from kettle into glass with tea bag in it

3) let it steep for 3-5 minutes or how ever long you usually steep tea for

4) Remove tea bag with a spoon

5) Place cup in the freezer for about 1.5-2 hours or until it is completely cold

6) Add a teaspoon or more of sugar

7) add a slice of lemon for flavoring

8) Stir and mix both together

Andd then you have your own iced tea.


Mascara review Thursday, Jul 26 2012 

As I was thinking of a blog to do, as I was doing my makeup I realized I have about 7 mascaras that I should review as I have used all of them, So Im going to review the ones I have and give my opinions on them.

Loreal voluminous million lashes- The packaging is gold and sleek and classy, but slippery to hang onto when applying it, it has a clean sweep wiping system that helps clean your wand as you pull it out of the tube, which I like because most mascara’s have way to much on the wand. This mascara is very hard to get off with just makeup remover, it does clump a bit though.

Covergirl lash blast fushion mascara- This mascara is great  it has an oversized wand on it and a hard bristle brush which helps to separate lashes and fan them out, making it look like you have false eye lashes on. A lot of product does come off on the brush which you need to wipe off before applying or else you will have clumps of mascara on your eye lashes. This is currently my fav mascara at the moment.

Loreal voluminous carbon black- The overall look of this product is sleek and classy, I love this mascara for adding edginess or bold lashes without using false ones. It is a new colour: Carbon Black, Mario Dedvanovic uses this mascara on Kim K sometimes, I picked this mascara up after he said he used it. A lot of product does come out into the brush and will need to be wiped away before using.

Loreal voluminous false lashes- The packaging on this is..interesting, it is sharp on some sides if held tightly. The brush is a typical mascara wand and it does clump because of how the brush is, this one also is hard to get off as well. This mascara is horrible, it doesnt apply well and isnt easy to work with. Thumbs down for me.

Covergirl lash perfection- I have 2 of these, one in brown and one in black, I use it mainly to separate lashes after I use a different mascara and also on my bottom lashes, I think this was one of the first mascaras I bought a few years ago when I started using makeup. I would deffinateky re purchase this again!

After trying these mascaras I think it is a waste of money to spend on some of the high end mascaras as you can find drugstore brands to be just as good.. if not better. I wll not buy the high end mascaras because I know there is one out there that suits my needs and is cheaper

-Which brand do you use?

Meaghan S.

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