What Kind of job would I love… Tuesday, Sep 4 2012 

-What kind of job would I love?
I am addicted to social media, all the different generations use it in different ways, for Generation Y it is fairly easy to use. We use it everyday and in many different ways to connect with friends, family, communities, people across the world, and in different topics and also to reach different industiries across the globe. I would jump at the chance to work for twitter, klout, evernote, youtube, instagram.. any social networking company. I have been in school for 3 years for marketing, im currently still working on my marketing diploma, markeing is a passion of mine as well as social media. I check up on all my social networking sites daily and keep updated on new trends, and whats happeneing with them. Using many different social networking sites allows you to be versitile in what you know, I would love a job where I got paid to keep companies social networking sites updated with company info, and interatcing with customers with their problems and questions… but what makes getting a job in social media hard for me is where I live.. I would love to re locate anywhere I had to,It would be a big change for me.. although it would be a fantastic experience.

Scared Of Everything Monday, Jul 30 2012 

You read the title right! .. well maybe its a bit over done.. but Its true… I’ve gone through life thinking about everything very thoroughly.. maybe more than I should to the point of scaring my self out of a lot of things, I’m not necessarily proud of it, it is more of a hassle but its me! Even the littlest things sometimes scare me.. if given enough time to think about it. There are people who are just the “go getters” in life, they don’t need to think about what they are doing everything just seems to workout for them. Where as for me.. I seem to want to think each situation through.. to make sure it will work in my favour.. or everything will be ok in the end for me. I sometimes try and tell myself.. “Today.. I’m just going to go out and do.. and not think to hard” It never works.. well it actually has sometimes, and I end up proud of my self.. but it never is enough or the situation wasn’t that bad. With jobs some people I know just get shit ass lucky and nail the interview and get hired.. me: I have to think about it.. get nervous.. then try and survive it.. and I make it out to be a traumatic thing.. but really its not that bad. I guess my brain works to hard 9 times out of 10, some people can just go out and have fun with friends , Me: I gotta plan.. every minute of it.. or so it seems and I get scared if things aren’t gonna go how i planned them in my head. Weird… I know! I tend to sit back and applaud the people who can just do anything on a whim, and I sit their and wish it was me. A few people have come into my life.. who made me a more confident person and that helped a ton. A few times I was able to just go out and do things without thinking.. like going ridiculous speeds on highways and jam to music.. (Note: I don’t trust many drivers) and laugh and have fun, I always think of the bad things that can happen. Soon I’ll be flying to NYC and I will admit.. I’ve been counting down the days until I have to get on this flight. (Note: I’ve never flown before) uhh ohhh. my flight is about an hour and 20 minutes ishhh, As of today It is exactly a week until I leave for Buffalo. Im staying in Buffalo across from the airport the night before my flight.. just to make sure I get my flight on time.. Otherwise.. I’m screwed!  Each day I’m trying to be more confident and self assured.. I don’t want to go through life afraid of everything… even the smallest of things, because in the end I know I will miss opportunities that are available to me


-Anyone else with this issue?

Evening Skin Care Routine Wednesday, Jul 25 2012 

In the evening before I go to bed I always take my makeup off, It is so important to take all makeup off at night to allow your skin to breathe at night and rejuvenate. Leaving makeup on at night can cause breakouts, dryness, irritation..etc. Everyone’s skincare routine will be different and suited to their specific needs and how their skin reacts to different products, this is my routine:

-Take a makeup wipe (Garnier vitamin enriched cleansing cloth) works well and wipe away eye and face makeup, as much as I can get off

– Put Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover on to a Q-tip and take off any mascara that didn’t come off, sometimes it is stubborn and wont come off using the makeup wipe.

-Take clean and clear foaming makeup remover cleanser, first wet your face with water and then take 1-2 pumps and rub between hands and apply to face, rub in circular motions to remove face makeup, and let sit for 1-3 minutes and then remove by splashing water in face, pat dry

-Then I take Mac Cosmetics Studio moisture cream, and apply that all over my face and let it set it before I go to bed

This is my evening routine, it may not work for everyone, try different products and see what works for you, On days i don’t wear makeup i will still apply my moisturizer to my face as I have dry skin. I’m currently looking into Clean and Clear’s products that are pore refining products to try, as I have enlarged pores around my nose.. ugh

-Meaghan S.

If you have any product recommendations , feel free to email me at : MeaghanTS@hotmail.com

Shopaholic Monday, Jul 23 2012 


My name is Meaghan and I think I’m a shopaholic… sorta lol I have a crazy obsession for makeup and high end cosmetics. Every time I see that a new collection is available I just seem to have to buy something.. even just to say I bought something  from it. Sometimes I can hold off for a while so i can justify buying it, but other times I just splurge on myself. I love buying new makeup/beauty products to try them, I just buy things without thinking and then try it out.. i either like it.. or I don’t, I hate when i don’t like it and i’ve already spent money on. If it works for me and I like it then I don’t mind, I prefer to do some research on the product and then decide if it is worth it and or if i really do need or want it. Most times i just want it because it is new.. Lately there has been 2 new BB creams released in Canada at a store near me.. I read about the first one and decided it wasn’t a good choice for me to buy.. nor was it worth the price.  So I was good and didn’t buy anything … in the last few days, I am also saving up for NYC.. which is proving to be harder then i thought, when there are tons of makeup products i want.  Each month i pay all my bills.. then i take what is left over and that is my money to spend, I normally spend that easily enough and then wait for the next paycheque..  Lately I have been really good about not buying any new products to try and or review. All girls want to feel sexy, special and makeup helps that, having a good skin care routine is also helpful. Buying the high end makeup products will be you in the hole quiet a bit.. unless you have unlimitied amount of money to spend on your self.

Anyone else have this issue?

-Meaghan S .

First Time Flying Sunday, Jul 22 2012 

At the beginning of August I’m going to New York City with my mom and sister for about a week, We are staying right in times square at the Marriott Marquis. Let me just say.. I’m very excited for this trip.. BUT I’ve never flown before, I will have family with my and the flight is about an hour and 20 minutes… which isn’t bad. I think I’ll be fine, once we are in the air Im sure i’ll be fine. The scary part for me will be the time we are taking off the run way, and landing. A few of my friends have flown before and said it was a piece of cake. With 9/11 and a few other plans having issues in the past few years and it making it to the news.. kinda scares me. I really want to travel to Europe, hawaii, australia.. etc while Im still young enough to enjoy it. It took me a while to get my passport.. partially me just being lazy about it. I finally got it and now i can legally leave the country. For this NYC trip I’m flying JetBlue, from Buffalo to JFK, So i hear it takes about an hour from JFK to Manhattan which is where we are staying right in Times Square. I will be taking many pictures and videoing and once I come back I will put up a few hauls, and blog posts.. etc about the trip.. If you guys will want to hear about it. One thing that has pissed me off about flying so far.. I haven’t even gone yet.. is that the airport security is so tight, which i understand, but i want to bring makeup on the plan.. but i can only bring a certain amount.. ugh . and it has to be in a clear bag and each product under 100ml each.  Taking graval before the flight i’ve heard helps… might not be a bad idea.. i got a better one.. a shot of vodka to settle the nerves. ;p

-Meaghan S.

Happy Birthday to me! Saturday, Jul 14 2012 

Friday the 13th rolls around… and guess what its my Birthday.. I always get excited for my birthday.. not because of the presents or the money I get from family.. etc. Its just a day where its all about me! This year it landed on Friday July 13th 2012.. I was born on a Friday 13th.. its my lucky number! Some people hate this day.. some people love it.. I personally have nothing wrong with it. I got bombarded with my mom, sister and dogs coming into my room at …8am I had only went to bed 1:30am the previous night. I was tired.. I got my Birthday kisses from them and then I ended up sleeping till about 9am, I hung out with family in the morning, waiting on my dad to come down from Guelph, My phone wouldn’t stop going off all day, the second i turned it on… all day it went off with happy birthday messages from everyone!  (Thank god for un limited text)! It was noon and I still hadn’t decided on a dinner place for my Birthday dinner that my parents always take me or my sister to anywhere we want to go. My dad finally showed up at about 2pm and he brought his motorcycle down here, so my sister and him went for a ride on it, shortly after he got to my house.. i wasnt pleased .. he left for about 2 hours … I wanted to spend time with him.. but .anyways.. so he finally got back here at 4:30ish.. and I finally decided on a place to go for dinner.. I was pretty mad about a few things by now.. i just wanted him to go home.. but i let him stay since he came a long way. I got dressed and ready and did my makeup .. and then we all left to go out to dinner in niagara falls, I didnt speak to dad at all the entire car ride there!

Niagara falls Birthday dinner at the Hard rock cafe

When we sat down to dinner dad sat beside me, I finally gave in and talked to him at dinner, we went to the Hard rock cafe in niagara falls, then toured around clifton hill for a bit, It was about 35 degrees out.. sooo hot! We ended up leaving the falls about an hour later and then headed home , my dad left about half hour after we got home, so he could make his way back to guelph safely. I was exhasuted by 10:30pm feel asleep on my couch and then i went to bed, andd my birthday was over.

My dad and I, Birthday Dinner

Happy Birthday to me!

Hello! Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 

Welcome to my personal blog, where I will share everything about me from posts about : Travel, Horseback riding, hauls,vlogs, hair/makeup tips, recipes, product reviews.. etc Feel free to comment, email, tweet me if you want.