About Me:

walking along the pier at Port Dalhousie


Currently I reside on Ontario,Canada,am 21, am an avid Equestrian and make up lover. Im have a passion for marketing and social media, have done 3 years at a local college in travel/tourism and marketing. I have been riding horses for 9 years now, my father bought me a horse about 7.5 years ago. He bought a 6 month old Appaloosa filly named DeeDee, she is my pride and joy and she turned 8 this year (June 15th 2012). I broke her my self with little help from professionals, Im not at the riding level I should be, because I dont get any financial help from my parents and have had to work for everything I have, which makes me appreciate everything I have much more. I love getting new equine and makeup products trying them out and reviewing them. I will be posting on this blog frequently, I also have an Equine blog that is Equestrian related only. I hold a part time job that is full time hours.. weird , which keeps me busy, its a lot of late nights early mornings kinda thing.

At Sanderro farms

If you want to send me a product ( makeup or Equine ) feel free to do so, and I can try it out and review it on this blog. I will give an honest opinion and tell it how it is.  Please Email me if you have any questions or products to review

At Sanderro farms



-Meaghan S.