-What kind of job would I love?
I am addicted to social media, all the different generations use it in different ways, for Generation Y it is fairly easy to use. We use it everyday and in many different ways to connect with friends, family, communities, people across the world, and in different topics and also to reach different industiries across the globe. I would jump at the chance to work for twitter, klout, evernote, youtube, instagram.. any social networking company. I have been in school for 3 years for marketing, im currently still working on my marketing diploma, markeing is a passion of mine as well as social media. I check up on all my social networking sites daily and keep updated on new trends, and whats happeneing with them. Using many different social networking sites allows you to be versitile in what you know, I would love a job where I got paid to keep companies social networking sites updated with company info, and interatcing with customers with their problems and questions… but what makes getting a job in social media hard for me is where I live.. I would love to re locate anywhere I had to,It would be a big change for me.. although it would be a fantastic experience.