We all woke up on wednesday sad it was our last full day in NYC, it was my mom’s birthday.. which was the reason why we were in new york in the first place. So we were determined to have a nice day and see the rest of nyc… well as much as we can. We did the uptown tour of manhattan and saw both upper east and upper west, one of them is “New money” , the other is “Old money”. That is how the tour guide explained it, we saw harlem… we deffiantely weren’t getting off in Harlem.. when there is a cop on every corner.. no way. Seeing all the upper east side that was filmed in gossip girl and other tv shows.. was really awesome, I never thought I would get to see that! Also we got off near the zoo at Central park, we went into central park a bit, but it was really hot out and Central park was huge, we also went to the apple store on fifth ave. too, that was filled with people checking out all the apple products. On the bus tour that day we learned that the longest street on manhattan is broadway, and it divides it into upper east and upper west. I never realized how many bridges, tunnels, trains.. etc and ways into manhattan there actually are for all the millions of people that commute into manhattan. We had a short day touring around upper manhattan, and then we went back to the hotel. I still had some shopping to do, so I went over to the sephora and spent about an hour looking around and getting the stuff I had wanted. It was still under construction.. which I didn’t like but none the less it was sephora. Since it was my moms birthday we went to the hard rock cafe in times square for dinner.