In the summer most girls like to have a fresh summer look, most go to the beach often and spend lots of time outside soaking up some rays. The sun can be harmful to lips as well as skin, it is important to protect your lips just as much as you would your skin. Most chap sticks do have spf in them now a days. I have a favourite Chapstick, which i just recently tried and starting liking, it was recommended by one of my friends. It is the Burts Bee’s  replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil, with even gives lips a bit of colour as well as very nourishing.  It is a little pricey for a Chapstick but does what it says it does which makes it worth the purchase. When going to the beach, the best look is a natural, not so put together look, with beachy waves, little to no makeup. I recently was in NYC and was in a few Sephora’s and saw the Christian Dior  “Dior addict ultra gloss pearl 257” I had heard a lot of good reviews about this lipgloss, and I picked one up, a light pink.. looked at the price.. and put it down. I continued to walk around aimlessly and thinking about that lipgloss that I really wanted.. I ventured back over to the display picked it up again and put it in my basket.. and happily walked away. My first Christian Dior product.. sad.. I know but I finally got something. A must have for summer is the ever so popular Nars Lipgloss in orgasm , it suits everyskin tone and looks fantastic also feels luxious on the lips. Although a little pricey, it is soo worth it, Francois Nars has done an amazing job on creating these Cosmetic products to make girls feel sexy and sassy. Drugstore lip products can be just as good as the high end makeup brands, I was grocery shopping and wondered down the makeup Isle.. as I normally do just to see whats new , I stumbled upon some revlon lip products.. which revlon is mu favourite drugstore brand, I saw a revlon lipgloss that just caught my eye. I picked it up and the color of pink was gorgeous! I had to have it, the applicator is also really well designed, it is shaped to glide along your lips smoothly. The gloss color is exactly what it looks like in the tube, the color is peony.