You read the title right! .. well maybe its a bit over done.. but Its true… I’ve gone through life thinking about everything very thoroughly.. maybe more than I should to the point of scaring my self out of a lot of things, I’m not necessarily proud of it, it is more of a hassle but its me! Even the littlest things sometimes scare me.. if given enough time to think about it. There are people who are just the “go getters” in life, they don’t need to think about what they are doing everything just seems to workout for them. Where as for me.. I seem to want to think each situation through.. to make sure it will work in my favour.. or everything will be ok in the end for me. I sometimes try and tell myself.. “Today.. I’m just going to go out and do.. and not think to hard” It never works.. well it actually has sometimes, and I end up proud of my self.. but it never is enough or the situation wasn’t that bad. With jobs some people I know just get shit ass lucky and nail the interview and get hired.. me: I have to think about it.. get nervous.. then try and survive it.. and I make it out to be a traumatic thing.. but really its not that bad. I guess my brain works to hard 9 times out of 10, some people can just go out and have fun with friends , Me: I gotta plan.. every minute of it.. or so it seems and I get scared if things aren’t gonna go how i planned them in my head. Weird… I know! I tend to sit back and applaud the people who can just do anything on a whim, and I sit their and wish it was me. A few people have come into my life.. who made me a more confident person and that helped a ton. A few times I was able to just go out and do things without thinking.. like going ridiculous speeds on highways and jam to music.. (Note: I don’t trust many drivers) and laugh and have fun, I always think of the bad things that can happen. Soon I’ll be flying to NYC and I will admit.. I’ve been counting down the days until I have to get on this flight. (Note: I’ve never flown before) uhh ohhh. my flight is about an hour and 20 minutes ishhh, As of today It is exactly a week until I leave for Buffalo. Im staying in Buffalo across from the airport the night before my flight.. just to make sure I get my flight on time.. Otherwise.. I’m screwed!  Each day I’m trying to be more confident and self assured.. I don’t want to go through life afraid of everything… even the smallest of things, because in the end I know I will miss opportunities that are available to me


-Anyone else with this issue?