As I was thinking of a blog to do, as I was doing my makeup I realized I have about 7 mascaras that I should review as I have used all of them, So Im going to review the ones I have and give my opinions on them.

Loreal voluminous million lashes- The packaging is gold and sleek and classy, but slippery to hang onto when applying it, it has a clean sweep wiping system that helps clean your wand as you pull it out of the tube, which I like because most mascara’s have way to much on the wand. This mascara is very hard to get off with just makeup remover, it does clump a bit though.

Covergirl lash blast fushion mascara- This mascara is great  it has an oversized wand on it and a hard bristle brush which helps to separate lashes and fan them out, making it look like you have false eye lashes on. A lot of product does come off on the brush which you need to wipe off before applying or else you will have clumps of mascara on your eye lashes. This is currently my fav mascara at the moment.

Loreal voluminous carbon black- The overall look of this product is sleek and classy, I love this mascara for adding edginess or bold lashes without using false ones. It is a new colour: Carbon Black, Mario Dedvanovic uses this mascara on Kim K sometimes, I picked this mascara up after he said he used it. A lot of product does come out into the brush and will need to be wiped away before using.

Loreal voluminous false lashes- The packaging on this is..interesting, it is sharp on some sides if held tightly. The brush is a typical mascara wand and it does clump because of how the brush is, this one also is hard to get off as well. This mascara is horrible, it doesnt apply well and isnt easy to work with. Thumbs down for me.

Covergirl lash perfection- I have 2 of these, one in brown and one in black, I use it mainly to separate lashes after I use a different mascara and also on my bottom lashes, I think this was one of the first mascaras I bought a few years ago when I started using makeup. I would deffinateky re purchase this again!

After trying these mascaras I think it is a waste of money to spend on some of the high end mascaras as you can find drugstore brands to be just as good.. if not better. I wll not buy the high end mascaras because I know there is one out there that suits my needs and is cheaper

-Which brand do you use?

Meaghan S.