In the evening before I go to bed I always take my makeup off, It is so important to take all makeup off at night to allow your skin to breathe at night and rejuvenate. Leaving makeup on at night can cause breakouts, dryness, irritation..etc. Everyone’s skincare routine will be different and suited to their specific needs and how their skin reacts to different products, this is my routine:

-Take a makeup wipe (Garnier vitamin enriched cleansing cloth) works well and wipe away eye and face makeup, as much as I can get off

– Put Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover on to a Q-tip and take off any mascara that didn’t come off, sometimes it is stubborn and wont come off using the makeup wipe.

-Take clean and clear foaming makeup remover cleanser, first wet your face with water and then take 1-2 pumps and rub between hands and apply to face, rub in circular motions to remove face makeup, and let sit for 1-3 minutes and then remove by splashing water in face, pat dry

-Then I take Mac Cosmetics Studio moisture cream, and apply that all over my face and let it set it before I go to bed

This is my evening routine, it may not work for everyone, try different products and see what works for you, On days i don’t wear makeup i will still apply my moisturizer to my face as I have dry skin. I’m currently looking into Clean and Clear’s products that are pore refining products to try, as I have enlarged pores around my nose.. ugh

-Meaghan S.

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