My name is Meaghan and I think I’m a shopaholic… sorta lol I have a crazy obsession for makeup and high end cosmetics. Every time I see that a new collection is available I just seem to have to buy something.. even just to say I bought something  from it. Sometimes I can hold off for a while so i can justify buying it, but other times I just splurge on myself. I love buying new makeup/beauty products to try them, I just buy things without thinking and then try it out.. i either like it.. or I don’t, I hate when i don’t like it and i’ve already spent money on. If it works for me and I like it then I don’t mind, I prefer to do some research on the product and then decide if it is worth it and or if i really do need or want it. Most times i just want it because it is new.. Lately there has been 2 new BB creams released in Canada at a store near me.. I read about the first one and decided it wasn’t a good choice for me to buy.. nor was it worth the price.  So I was good and didn’t buy anything … in the last few days, I am also saving up for NYC.. which is proving to be harder then i thought, when there are tons of makeup products i want.  Each month i pay all my bills.. then i take what is left over and that is my money to spend, I normally spend that easily enough and then wait for the next paycheque..  Lately I have been really good about not buying any new products to try and or review. All girls want to feel sexy, special and makeup helps that, having a good skin care routine is also helpful. Buying the high end makeup products will be you in the hole quiet a bit.. unless you have unlimitied amount of money to spend on your self.

Anyone else have this issue?

-Meaghan S .