I’ve recently with in the year 2012 just started getting into high end brands of makeup, such as :Mac cosmetics, urban decay, benefit, sephora, etc..

I had started wearing makeup in about grade 6, just a little bit of mascara, I never got too heavy into eyeliner. and sparkly eyeshadows..I kept it natural and fresh looking for my age, I recently (beginning of 2012) finally got together some money to spend on a good high end foundation, concealer powder.. well $110 later I had a Mac cosmetic foundation, concealer and a setting powder.. no brushes yet tho, I actually purchased the setting powder at a later date, about 2 months from my first purchase. Damn that stuffs expensive but addicting especially because it does look good and is better than drugstore brands, when new collections come out.. oh man its like christmas all over again for me. I’ve recently had some products that I’m realizing im reaching for everyday in my makeup routine.

Urban Decay Primer potion: This product is a must have for any girl that uses eye shadows, everyone knows that eye shadows do crease over time on skin, so this is a primer that helps the eye shadow last even longer, this product is available in different skin tone colours.

Garnier vitamin enriched cleansing cloths: These cloths work wonders at removing makeup, even waterproof mascara, they are gentle on sensitive skin and have a nice smell to them, they work well with removing all types of makeup including foudnation, powder, concealer.. etc

Mac cosmetics eye liner pencil:  This pencil is perfect for summer, it is a shimmer brown colour, less harsh then black, easy to smudge, waterline safe, and lasts on the eye for many hours. Perfect for summer makeup looks.

Maybelline dream lumi touch highlighting concealer : This is a summer must have, conceals dark spots, it is ok to use on blemishes, but isnt a heavy concealer for hiding blemishes. Does very well for highlighting/ concealing under the eye, and can also be used on the bridge of the nose and on the chin to highlight those areas. My shade is : Ivory.

Benefit SunBeam: Sun Beam is a golden bronze highlighter, also know as sunshine in a bottle. Can be used on brow bone and cheek bones, for a better effect mix it in with even parts foundation even parts Sun beam and mix together and blend that onto your skin.

Bronze highlighter

Maybelline Dream fresh BB cream : Bb creams are jsut recently becoming popular in north america and other countries, I decided to jump on the band wagon and pick this maybelline one up and give it a try. When I bought it , it was a good color for me… I then ended up tanning a bit and am now a shde darker.. except I cant find the next shade.. which sucks. This product is very light coverage, this is NOT a foundation, it says it does 8 sure does, It does blur imperfections, it doesnt completely hide them though,  it does brighten your skin if buffed in properly and evenly, also smoothes and highdrates skin, it does not leave it feeling dry, it has a deuy finish to it, it does have SPF 30 which for picture taking isnt so good, but for sun protection it does work.

BB Cream, Shade: Light

Maybelline Fit Me concealer : This concealer is about a medium coverage, I only just recently got this product so I cant comment on how good it is yet, but it deffinately hides under eye circles. My shade is 15. I will soon be picking up the foundation to match this concealer.

Fit Me concealer: Shade 15

What are your summer must have makeup products?

-Meaghan S.