Friday the 13th rolls around… and guess what its my Birthday.. I always get excited for my birthday.. not because of the presents or the money I get from family.. etc. Its just a day where its all about me! This year it landed on Friday July 13th 2012.. I was born on a Friday 13th.. its my lucky number! Some people hate this day.. some people love it.. I personally have nothing wrong with it. I got bombarded with my mom, sister and dogs coming into my room at …8am I had only went to bed 1:30am the previous night. I was tired.. I got my Birthday kisses from them and then I ended up sleeping till about 9am, I hung out with family in the morning, waiting on my dad to come down from Guelph, My phone wouldn’t stop going off all day, the second i turned it on… all day it went off with happy birthday messages from everyone!  (Thank god for un limited text)! It was noon and I still hadn’t decided on a dinner place for my Birthday dinner that my parents always take me or my sister to anywhere we want to go. My dad finally showed up at about 2pm and he brought his motorcycle down here, so my sister and him went for a ride on it, shortly after he got to my house.. i wasnt pleased .. he left for about 2 hours … I wanted to spend time with him.. but .anyways.. so he finally got back here at 4:30ish.. and I finally decided on a place to go for dinner.. I was pretty mad about a few things by now.. i just wanted him to go home.. but i let him stay since he came a long way. I got dressed and ready and did my makeup .. and then we all left to go out to dinner in niagara falls, I didnt speak to dad at all the entire car ride there!

Niagara falls Birthday dinner at the Hard rock cafe

When we sat down to dinner dad sat beside me, I finally gave in and talked to him at dinner, we went to the Hard rock cafe in niagara falls, then toured around clifton hill for a bit, It was about 35 degrees out.. sooo hot! We ended up leaving the falls about an hour later and then headed home , my dad left about half hour after we got home, so he could make his way back to guelph safely. I was exhasuted by 10:30pm feel asleep on my couch and then i went to bed, andd my birthday was over.

My dad and I, Birthday Dinner

Happy Birthday to me!