Tresemme Split Remedy Product line:

When I first saw this product line hit stores.. I thought well they are getting smarter! Many people suffer from split ends, especially me with fine/thin hair that breaks soo easily. When I was browsing through this line at a store, I saw the sealing serum, I was intrigued because it claimed to: Repairs up to 80% of split ends for a fresh-cut look and feel. I recently got my hair cut at the end of june because the bottom few inches was completely dead, it looked horrible. So I thought that I needed something to prevent getting bad split ends, and I thought of this line,  So I ended up picking up the Sealing serum.. wow! This product does exactly what it says it does, it seals in shine, repairs split ends.. it definitely does! How to use: Wash/Conditioner your hair, comb through your hair, getting out all knots and tangles, then take one pump in your hand of the sealing serum and run it through your hair, focusing on the ends mainly, comb through your hair again, let air dry or blow dry, and style. You will see the results after styled.. it definitely gives your hair shine, and makes your ends look like you just got a hair cut. I will definitely re=purchase this product again as well as i will be buying the rest of the product line: The shampoo/conditioner and the leaving in conditioning treatment.


Have any of you used this product or the Split remedy product line, what are your thoughts?

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