Benefit Sunbeam is a golden bronze highlighter

-My thoughts:

This product only has a few uses, you can use it on your brow bone and check bone for a bronze highlight. I wish there was a few more ways to use it, but it is still a good product, I find that it is best to mix it with a foundation to give your face an all over bronze glow. I suggest you don’t use it with a glowy foundation because then you are just doubling your glowiness.. use it with a matte foundation and then add the Sun beam, to give it an all over glow. This product will go well with any skin tone colour, I personally mix half and half, so half foundation and half sun beam, you can use less or more depending on how much you want a bronze look.

Benefit sun beam

Would I buy this product again:

This product cost $30.00 CDN/ $26 USD , it is expensive considering you only get 13ML, 2.30 ML/ dollar.   This product would be perfect for winter, as it is hard to tan in the winter, this can be used year round as a bronzing product. Yes! I will continue to buy this product year round, as well im considering buying the Benefit High beam.

sorry the lighting sucks, it was late at night when i was taking pictures