Revlon Whipped Colour Stay Foundation Review Monday, Sep 24 2012 

Alas Revlon has done it again, they’ve created a new Colour stay foundation which has created quiet the buzz in the beauty industry. Everyone seems to be picking it up lately and also a lot of the fans of the liquid colour stay foundation have picked this one up and have compared it. Now I don’t have the liquid colour stay foundation, but I’ve heard so many good things about it, that I actually might pick it up soon and give it a try. The first looks at this foundation was.. uhh ohh they copied the maybelline mouse foundation.. wrong! I hadn’t previously owned and revlon foundations until now, I was un sure of my shade, in drugstores I found it very hard to pick a colour. There is only one tester, which is one shade.. which makes it even more difficult to pick one shade and try and get it right. I did some research first.. I looked up people that had MAC cosmetics foundations and I had seem if they had the revlon foundation and what colour in the revlon they were if they were an NW20 in MAC , which is what I am. That made it easier.. trust me.. it did take about a week to come up with this theory and to try it and see if I could come up with a shade closet to my skin colour.. and the final result.. I did!!! I purchased this foundation in the colour 220 nude. Which seems to suit people who are an NW20 in MAC Foundations. Lets start by describing the formula of this foundation.. to me it is a whipped mousse…. if that makes any sense. It is not liquid.. not creme ( close to though) so more so like a whipped formula, if I tip the jar with the lid off upside down.. it is definitely not going anywhere it is that thick.

Colour: 220 Nude

It isn’t full of air either, the packaging is less than desirable.. because it is a heavy glass jar.. and I think if you dropped this on a hard floor.. it would break. It comes with a twist on and off lid and a white cap to keep the product inside the jar, it seems unsanitary to keep dipping a makeup brush in the product.. which I guess it is, but you can also scoop some out onto your hand each time you apply this, that way your not dipping a dirty brush in it constantly. There are a few ways to apply this foundation that seems to work for this product.. which is a way that I found works best for me and it is using a stiff stippling brush such as the real techniques stippling brush and or the sigma brushes that are very dense and are able to buff in this product very well.

220 Nude

The product claims to last for 24 hours.. I don’t know anyone that would wear makeup for 24 hours while awake.. not me! I seem to get about 8+ hours out of it, with a powder and a setting spray, such as Urban decay all nighter spray!  It seems to work for oily and or dry skin.. which makes it good and appealing to all skin types.  The glass jar doesn’t do the colours justice.. you have to take off the lid and remove the white cap to actually look at the colours available.  I picked this foundation up for $17.99 Canadian… that is expensive compared to other drugstore foundations.. but this one does work and is definitely a medium to full coverage foundation worth trying if you don’t want to spend the money on a high end foundation.  Overall I will be re purchasing this foundation in the future , continuing to love the Revlon colour stay products.

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag Monday, Sep 24 2012 


1. Greed: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive? -Inexpensive: Lip balm-$2.00 / Expensive- Laura mercier silk creme foundation-$55

2. Wrath: What beauty products do you have a love/Hate relationship with? -L’Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara, and Mac mineralized satin finish SPF 15 foundation

3. Gluttony: What are your most delicious beauty products? -Revlon lip gloss- Peony

4. Sloth: What Beauty products do you neglect due to laziness? -Lip moisturizers

5. Pride: What beauty products gives you the most self confidence? -Laura Mercier silk creme foundation

6. Lust: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? -The eyes, hair

7. Envy: What items would you most like to receive as a gift? -The urban decay naked palette #2, and or La Mer Face cream

-Meaghan S.

I went shopping!! Thursday, Sep 20 2012 

I recently went shopping for makeup.. what else is new, anyways.. there has been a few things I’ve been wanting to pick up and try and also a new foundation has been released by revlon and it is the Whipped foundation. I picked it up and thought for the price it was a bit expensive for a drugstore foundation, but we’ll see how it does and what I think of it. L’oreal has new single eye shadows that are almost like a pressed pigment that has very good pigmentation, I picked up a pink coral colour called “Pepsy Coral”. You definitely have to build this colour up, it can go on sheer or you can really build it up for a bright colour.It seems to be long wearing, I will be picking up a few more of these, they would be easy to travel with too. My mascara is getting old and I needed a new one, I know maybelleine has a few that are good, I got the colossal one, in a yellow tube because I looked at the brush and that was the type I wanted to try. The formula is wet though, smudges easily Im still getting used to it. I can do pencil and or gel eye liner… but liquid.. not my forte, I wanted to try it though, my hand is a little shaky so a small tip with a brush would be too hard for me to use. I saw a few makeup artist using something similar, it is a felt tip pen that is liquid, it is fairly easy to use and I can apply it without any problems or smudging from my shaky hands. I love browsing through the makeup sections in drugstores and all other stores, when new products come out.. good or bad. I just have to pick them up, Sometimes when new collections come out , Since I live in Canada the united states gets them first, so I hear about them online, youtube, twitter.. etc. Then I can see what products are worth trying and which ones aren’t.

Beauty Haul Thursday, Sep 20 2012 

Beauty haull!

Foundation routine Friday, Sep 7 2012 

Here is my current foundation routine in a blog post, also will have a video on this soon. There are a few productions I use daily ,I use a moisturizer first before anything, I’m currently using the philosophy “hope in a jar” moisturizer. I need a redness reducing primer because I have redness on my cheek area that normally doesn’t get covered with a foundation. The primer I use is the Makeup forever HD primer #1 (green) the green covers the redness so I have an even ski tone to apply a foundation on. The second product I use is a pore refining solution, the clinique pore refining solutions instant perfectos is the one I use , it comes in 3 different shades , and all you do is smooth it over enlarged pores and it smooths them out and makes them invisible. My current foundation is the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation which is a very full coverage foundation, with the right brush it gives an airbrushed finish and looks flawless. On the really hot days I don’t use this foundation but I do use a BB cream by maybelline , the dream fresh BB cream, which gives a light coverage and adds a nice glow to the skin. This routine is what I do everyday and it seems to work for me.

What is your foundation routine?

What Kind of job would I love… Tuesday, Sep 4 2012 

-What kind of job would I love?
I am addicted to social media, all the different generations use it in different ways, for Generation Y it is fairly easy to use. We use it everyday and in many different ways to connect with friends, family, communities, people across the world, and in different topics and also to reach different industiries across the globe. I would jump at the chance to work for twitter, klout, evernote, youtube, instagram.. any social networking company. I have been in school for 3 years for marketing, im currently still working on my marketing diploma, markeing is a passion of mine as well as social media. I check up on all my social networking sites daily and keep updated on new trends, and whats happeneing with them. Using many different social networking sites allows you to be versitile in what you know, I would love a job where I got paid to keep companies social networking sites updated with company info, and interatcing with customers with their problems and questions… but what makes getting a job in social media hard for me is where I live.. I would love to re locate anywhere I had to,It would be a big change for me.. although it would be a fantastic experience.

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation review Tuesday, Sep 4 2012 

I was skeptical of this foundation because I had heard so many good things about it, but that doesnt make sense. A lot of people and youtube guru’s were saying that it is an awesome foundation and worth the expensive price. I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay $55.00 for a foundation.. but I did and I don’t regret it at all. It is a very full coverage foundation which was what I was looking for, as I have a bit of redness on my cheeks that seems to be hard to cover with drug store foundations and or BB creams. I do use a Makeup forever HD primer #1 – that reduces redness. So a BB cream  will cover the redness and give good coverage.  But for a more flawless finish a higher end foundation is needed, I find that using sponges to apply a foundation or any liquid makeup doesnt work for me because it soaks up too much product for it to look good and cover any blemishes. Brushes I find are easier to use and dont soak up so much product, the best type of brush for this foundation to go on smoothly and have an airbrush type finish is a stiff stippling brush.  It is best to shake the product up very well before using, then put a very small amount on the back of your hand and dip your brush into the foundation and starting on your nose as you should always, blend down from your nose and across your T zone, and make sure to blend under your jawline so you don’t end up with a line that is not the same color. Although this is a very expensive foundation is will last you awhile and be worth the money for it. I personally dont set it with a powder but you can to help it stay on longer.


How much is my face worth Wednesday, Aug 29 2012 

This is a tag I saw on a “Sprinkle of Glitter blog” I decided to do it as well: I added everything up that I would wear at once.. and I must say I was shocked! Here it goes:

How much is my face worth: Tag

-Clinque pore refining solutions-$23.00-sephora

-Philosphoy hope in a jar moisturizer-$20.00-sephora

-Microperfecting HD primer-$38.00-sephora

-sephora eye lash curler-$19-Sephora

-urban decay naked palette-$60.00-sephora

-laura mercier silk cream foundation-$55-sephora

-smashbox HD concealer-$22-sephora

-Covergirl lashblast mascara-$8-shoppers drug mart

-maybelline dream lumi highlighter and concealer-$10-shoppers drug mart

-MAC mineralized skinfinish- soft and gentle-$34-MAC

-urban decay primer potion-$24-Sephora

-covergirl lash perfection mascara-$8-Shoppers drug mart

-MAC mineralized skin finish -medium-$34-MAC

-EOS lipbalm-$6-Shoppers drug mart

-Dior ultra pearl lipgloss-$31- 257 pink trench-Sephora

-Real techniques brushes-stippling brush-$

-Real techniques- core collection-$

-Real techniques- core collection-$


*I haven’t included in 13% tax I would pay here in canada and also didnt include the shipping on the Real Techniques brushes:

=$493.78 +Shipping ($10)=$503.98

WOW is all I can say!


Has anyone else done this, Give it a try and leave comments

NYC trip- Thursday Monday, Aug 27 2012 

Thursday morning was our last morning in the fabulous NYC times square area, we got up early because we had to be at the airport early.. again to leave manhattan. We all got up and got ready and I was doing my makeup and freaking out about the plane ride I had to endure at 11:29am-12:40pm. We left the hotel early, and got a cab to JFK from manhattan, it was a quick ride to the airport, we were in a Ford Escape, hybrid, it even had a tv in the back of it. We got to the airport and where we checked in and gave them our bags was near the hawaiian airlines check in, I was freaking that my luggage was going to go to So we went thru security and then went to get breakfast in T5 (terminal 5 at JFK) Jetblue’s home terminal. This time around the flight wasn’t so bad for me.. take off was smooth as well as flying, not as much turbulence, it was a few times but not that bad, so I didnt mind. I could actually put a tv show on and enjoy it for a bit. As we were decending… whether it was just me or not but we seemed to drop once really fast..and then level out, that scared the shit out of me. I had a neck pillow that I had bought from JFK and I was squeezing it the entire time on the plane home, also in the middle of T5 I dropped an entire dunkin donuts iced coffee on the floor and was soo embarrased at that point and flustered because of the flight home, so I told a janitor to clean it up and I went and got back in line and got another one. We ate and then had about 1ish hours to wait for our flight, so me and my sister went and walked up and down our terminal and watched planes take off and land and we had some fun on the floor escalators, and we saw a British airways plane take off.. that plane was huge, So as we were decending I got pretty scared and curled up into a ball on my sister and sat there until we touched down on the run way, we seem to hit the run way very fast and we all felt the brakes hard. Then we went to the baggage claim area and got our bags, my heat protectant had spilled, right after I grabbed my bag off the conveyer belt I opened it up at the buffalo airport and I could smell that something had leaked, I had my liquids in a bag, so nothing got on my clothing. I took that bag out and just carried it, we went and caught a shuttle to go across the street to the days in hotel across from the buffalo airport where our car was and got in our car, went to timmys and headed for the border home. We didnt have any trouble at the border at all, it didnt take that long to get home as it did going over the boarder. We got home and all ran for our cell phones.. which sounds bad but it was thursday and we didnt have them since sunday afternoon.

Maybelline color tattoo 24HR cream gel eye shadow review Wednesday, Aug 22 2012 

Maybelline has impressed me with these, these are similar to the MAC paint pots.. which I have not tried.  I’ve heard they are good, but can’t comment on them because I haven’t tried them.. so moving on.. I heard these were being compared to the MAC ones and so I decided to pick one up, the one that caught my eye was the Bad To The Bronze. These can be used as a sheer color primer for eyeshadow or they can be used alone, and they last all day!


Swatches: Above  (Coming Sooon!)


Tough As Taupe on the top

Bad To The Bronze on the bottom


Have you tried these?


Meaghan S

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